Comic-Con was in full swing on Friday.  Here are a few of our pics, with more to come.

Green Hornet is getting a big push at the show, including a large number of costumed models.

Green Hornet and Kato were also in the house.

A Blood Factory model had a headache on Friday.

This dude, at the same booth, had bigger problems.

The boothworkers at the Mr. Timms booth, quietly promoting the upcoming animated film Rango (with Johnny Depp voicing), were perfectly in character.  When we asked what they were selling, the person we spoke to said, “We’re not selling anything.  This is a fish our dad found, and it’s all about peace and love.”

Priest, based on the Tokyopop series, is getting a big push at the show, although it’s been delayed a bit in the frenzied battle for 3D screens.

After a long run-up, the DC Universe Online game is getting close to launch and has a big push at Comic-Con.  Voice talent announced at the show includes Mark Hamill (The Joker) and Kevin Conroy (Batman), joinging Adam Baldwin (Superman), Gina Torres (Wonder Woman), James Marsters (Lex Luthor), Mand Michelle Forbes (Circe).  The game ships November 2nd.

There were lots of non-geek TV shows and movies at Comic-Con this year, including $#*! My Dad Says.  William Shatner was large, above the floor during his signing at the Warner Bros. booth.  

Zangief from Street Fighter.


She needed an armed guard.

This pair was just hanging around outside the hall.

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