Role-playing games have attracted plenty of unwarranted criticism in the mainstream media over the years with blanket indictments of Dungeons & Dragons as promoting Satanism or contributing to juvenile delinquency, but some games have actually been pulled after publication by embarrassed publishers, while others have been banned at various venues including high profile gaming conventions.  Some games were censored in part at least because of their artwork (and the work of Erol Otus appears to have garnered plenty of attention in this regard), while others like Steve Jackson’s Killer ran afoul of school officials (especially after the rash of school shootings) as well as major shows like Gen Con, while another Steve Jackson Games effort was even seized by the Secret Service in what appears to have been a clear First Amendment violation.

Shannon Appelcline over at has come up with a list of the Top 10 Censored RPGs that explains both the context for the censorship as well as the personalities involved in an article that makes for very interesting reading. Here, from that list, are the Top 5 Censored games:

1. Palace of the Silver Princess, 1st Printing (TSR, 1981).

2. GURPS Cyberpunk (Steve Jackson Games, 1990).

3. Killer (Steve Jackson Games, 1982).

4. Alma Mater (Oracle Games, 1982)

5. Book of Erotic Fantasy (Valar Project, 2003), which is the only game in the top five that came out during the era that ICv2 has been covering games (see "Valar Project Announces Erotic RPG" and "Valar Recalls Preview").