Comics icon Stan Lee is recovering from pacemarker surgery, according to an announcement through Pow! Entertainment.  Lee, who will turn 90 in December, had recently canceled a number of appearances, including Wizard World’s Ohio Comic Con this weekend and an associated "Authors Authors" appearance at Toledo-Lucas County Public Library on Thursday, September 27th.  The cancellations were "for the forseeable future," according to theWizard announcement. 

The statement from Pow! had Lee’s characteristic humor.  "In an effort to be more like my fellow Avenger, Tony Stark, I have had an electronic pace-maker placed near my heart to insure that I’ll be able to lead thee for another 90 years,” he said."  …Now I must end this dispatch and join my troops, for an army without a leader is like a day without a cameo!"

Although no surgery is minor for a person of Lee’s age, implanting a pacemaker normally has a relatively quick recovery time.