One of four known copies of the poster from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis was sold in a bankruptcy auction (see "Movie Poster Set to Break Record") this week, according to Hollywood Reporter.  Grouped with posters for King Kong, The Invisible Man, and Arsenic and Old Lace, along with the painting for the Jailhouse Rock poster, it sold for $1.2 million.  Although the record price for a movie poster was only $690,000 (set when the same poster was sold in 2005), the new sale did not set a record because it was sold in a group. 
The auction attracted bidders from Heritage Auctions, Profiles in History on behalf of the owner of Metropolis Comics, and collector Andrew Cohen, represented by Reel Poster Gallery.  Cohen went back and forth with eventual winner Ralph DeLuca in $20,000 increments from $840,000 to the final $1.2 million price, according to the report.