Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Joe and Anthony Russo have found a new financing and production partner in Sierra Pictures for their movie adaptation of Ciudad, their unreleased graphic novel from Oni Press, according to Deadline.  Sierra is scheduled to begin production on the film in spring 2014 in Columbia.   John Pogue (The Quiet Ones, Quarantine 2:  Terminal) is attached to direct a script by Joe Russo. 
The Russo brothers, best known for their directorial work on TV series like Community and Arrested Development, sold the graphic novel to Oni back in 2008 (see "Oni, Russo's Partner on GN, Movie").  It tells the story of a world-weary hostage extractor who goes to Paraguay’s dangerous Ciudad del Este to extract the kidnapped daughter of a Brazilian drug lord.  
Dwayne Johnson was originally attached to star (see "'The Rock' Snags Two Comic Book Roles"), but is not in this version of the package.  There is still no firm date for the graphic novel release from Oni, which was originally conceived by the Russo brothers along with Ande Parks and Fernando Leon.