The 12.1 million viewers for the midseason finale for The Walking Dead topped the comparable Season 3 episode by 1.6 million viewers, setting a new midseason finale high, according to Hollywood Reporter.  That 17% increase was actually less than the overall increases for Season 4, which is running 29% higher than the first half of Season 3.   

The show is killing in the 18-49 demo, with 7.7 million viewers of the midseason finale.  It's the top show in demo in all of television (and the highest-rated series in cable).

Recap show Talking Dead set a new all-time high of 6 million viewers on Sunday night. Guests on the episode included The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohan ("Maggie") and Scott Wilson ("Hershel").

The premiere of the second half of Season 4 will air February 9, 2014, according to Entertainment Weekly.  The second half episodes are "the boldest, bravest, and most exciting this show has ever attempted," star Andrew Lincoln said on Talking Dead.