‘Game of Thrones’ showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have been telling the press there’s an endpoint coming for the hit HBO series.  They told EW that seven seasons “is the plan,” which makes the about-to-begin season 4 the midpoint of the series.   

To figure out how to end the series, though, they need to know how the books end, and there are still two more volumes of George R.R. Martin’s seven-volume series to be published.  To get a feel for where things are headed, the showrunner team talked to Martin and went through the planned fate of every character, Benioff told Vanity Fair.  Martin confirmed that he could give them the “broad strokes” of what’s coming, but that “details aren’t there yet.” 

And we share today the latest Season 4 trailer, which gives us a taste of each of the major characters.  Season 4 kicks off April 6 (for the first trailer, see “’Game of Thrones’ S4 Trailer”).