The Right Stuf is releasing (through ADV Films) the fifth and final volume of the innovative anime series His and Her Circumstances on September 30th.   Fans who didn't purchase the collector's box that was available with Volume 1 (see 'Romantic Comedy From the Director Of Evangelion') will be able to purchase the entire five volume series with the collector's box for an srp of $129.95.  For those who only want Volume 5, it will be available with an srp of $29.95.  Volume 5 includes Episodes 22-26 and lots of bonus DVD features including translation notes, interviews, outtakes, phone messages, and trailers.


Written and directed by Evangelion mastermind Hideki Anno, His and Her Circumstances represents a unique take on the anime romantic comedy genre thanks to the judicious use of an abundance of techniques including super deformed versions of the characters, paper cutouts, live action, split screens, and Greek choruses.  This tale of an uptight 'perfect' high school girl, who is a pulsating mass of insecurities thinly veiled by a mask of demure superiority has a strong appeal to viewers of both genders -- and Tokyopop's ongoing manga series (entitled Kare Kano -- Vol. #4 is due out in July) has introduced the property to a whole new audience.