With the destruction of the Marvel Universe in the cataclysmic "intersection" that sets offs Secret Wars, all that remains is a patchwork planet made up of the remains of the destroyed universes (see "'Secret Wars' Will End the Marvel Universe").  Today Marvel Comics announced a second “umbrella” brand of Secret Wars titles, the Battleworld Books, which will focus on the interworkings and interactions that occur in the 41 regions of Battleworld that have been revealed so far.  These are the regions where the characters who survive the initial intersection event will attempt to continue their struggle for survival.

"This is where inner machinations of Secret Wars happen," said Marvel’s David Gabriel in describing the Battleworld books, which will have distinctive trade dress and logos to make identification easy, before adding, "Think of these as the new core monthly titles."

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Marvel has also released a map of Battleworld, which, at this point, contains 41 different regions.  Some, like Spider Island, Domain of Apocalypse, Greenland, The Hydra Empire, and Technopolis have obvious affinities with current Marvel heroes and villains, but there is obviously room here for lots of smaller realms-within-realms here, with for example the Manhattan segment subdivided into four different sub-regions.  Be sure and click on the Battleworld map at the left to see it full size.

After announcing the Last Days umbrella brand yesterday (see "Marvel Unveils 'Last Days' Brand of 'Secret Wars' Comics"), Marvel still has one more Secret Wars brand to reveal.