At Toy Fair 2015, ICv2 caught up with Factory Entertainment, maker of high quality licensed toys and collectibles, to preview its upcoming DC Comics, Game of Thrones, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Outlander offerings; as well as the new SWAT live-action, soft weapons line.

On display were several upcoming DC Comics’ licensed Premium Motion Statues for Superman Action Comics #1, Green Lantern, and Joker. The motion element is incorporated with a spring, which makes part of the statue swivel back and forth, similar to a bobble head.  The 8”-9” statues are priced in the $50-$60 range.  The company plans to release a Wonder Woman, Joker’s Daughter, Nurse Harley (Quinn) and “ani-comi” (anime/comic hybrid) Catwoman later this year.

The company has already announced a high-end crown for Game of Thrones (see “'Game of Thrones' Crown Replica”), and was showcasing new plush offerings, planned for Q2 release, at the show. The dragon is posable and features a 32” wingspan.  There are also dire wolf cubs and dragon eggs planned (see gallery below).

For the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, the company plans a 1:1 scale, limited edition prop replica of Raphael’s sais. The hands function as a stand, and the metal sais are chrome plated with leather handles. Release is planned for Q3, and MSRP will be in the $300 range. 

A Mount Rushmore-style, Polystone Monolith statue of the classic animated turtles is planned as well (see gallery below). “We’re looking for products for all those kids who were 7-10 years old when the Turtles came out.  They’re now all in their 20s and 30s and looking for something more interesting and refined than just a toy,” Factory’s Tom Vargas told ICv2.

Zombie SWAT (Soft Weapons And Tactics) products were also showcased. “We just announced these items,” said Vargas.”The whole thing about these is that they are action-play or role-play type of items that are great for ages 8+.”

 “On impact, you feel nothing,” he continued.”It’s like a pillow fight. They’re great for any environment including cosplay. Each one has multiple sound effects.” The first items include a butcher knife, a machete, a nail-studded baseball bat, and a chainsaw.  The product packaging also can be used as a zombie mask.  The prices range from $9.99 – 39.99.  Release is planned for July.

Factory also announced plans for an Outlander line of products (see “'Outlander' TV Debut Set”). The line will include throw pillows, beach and bath towels, stationary,  lithographs and jewelry.  Stationary and jewelry items will be the first to debut, planned for Q3 or Q4 release.

See gallery below for more pictures.