IDW Games announced a new line of table games based on Paramount Pictures' The Godfather film trilogy. The line will include titles ranging from quick-to-play card and dice games to big box strategic board games.

“This is the first time there has been strategic board or card games,” IDW Games Nate Murray told ICv2. “There has been a Monopoly scan and a triva scan, but that’s it.”

The first game will be a deductive party card game, similar to Werewolf or Mafia, due in August. “It will be tied to the first film, the scene when Vito calls the five families out to settle their business,” Murray said. “So all the card art, the flavor (text) is from the first movie.” Players will either be members of the mafia, or members of the Barzini family or undercover cops out to thwart them.  The game will be for 5-16 players. MSRP will be around $30.00.

“We’ll follow that with an area control, five burrows, big box game early next year,” Murray said.  Additional games will range in length and complexity, and utilize a variety of locations and timelines spanning the trilogy of films.

The Godfather is more than a movie, it’s an icon,” IDW’s Director of Business Development, Jerry Bennington said in the announcement. “We plan to give players as many options as possible when it comes to gaming in this rich environment.”

IDW Games announced an Orphan Black game line yesterday (see “IDW Announces 'Orphan Black' Tabletop Games”).