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At the GAMA Trade Show, Jasco Games was previewing two upcoming additions to its Universal Fighting System CCG, as well as showing off production samples of miniatures for Mega Man: The Board Game.

Mega Man: Rise of the Masters is the second appearance of Mega Man in the UFS game, his first appearance was in the recently released Collector’s Tins (see “'Mega Man: The Board Game'”).  The 144-card set, releasing in April, will include both Starter Decks and Boosters.

The Starters will include two decks (Mega Man and Dr. Wily), and each deck includes four starter-exclusive foil cards, 1 foil character card, and one random ultra-rare card.  Each display includes 8 decks (four of each design). MSRP is $13.99/deck.

The Booster Display contains 24 packs of 10 cards each. MSRP is $3.99/pack. “This is the first set in a long time where we’re foiling rares as well as ultra rares,” Jasco’s Thomas Kohler told ICv2.

In July, Jasco will release Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night for UFS, which will also include both Starter Decks and Boosters.  The starter decks will feature either Jon Talbain or Felicia. “More characters will be included in the booster packs,” Kohler said.

Also on display were production samples for the Mega Man: The Board Game. See gallery below for images.