Bushiroad has released details on the upcoming Attack on Titan themed expansion for its popular Weiss Schwarz trading card game.  The new card set will be available in Trial Decks and Booster Packs.  This will be the first time that Bushiroad releases the English language version of an expansion before the Japanese Edition.

Attack on Titan has been massively popular for over a year, with both manga and anime offerings enjoying tremendous success in the market.  Bushiroad announced plans to produce a Weiss Schwarz expansion based on the anime in January (see “‘Weiss Schwarz:  Attack on Titan’”).

The 50-card pre-constructed Trial Deck will release on July 3.  Each deck also includes a rule sheet, deck manual, playbook, and playmat.  Some random decks will also include exclusive RRR foil cards or SP gold foil cards signed by voice actor Yuki Kaji (Eren).  Trial Decks are packed six to a display, with eight displays in each carton.

The Booster Pack set will include 100 new card types and 18 parallels, packed in 8-card booster packs.  Special gold foil chase cards will be randomly inserted, signed by voice talent from the Attack on Titan anime.  Each 20-pack display will also include three PR cards (out of 12 possible variations), and full 16-display cartons will include four rubber playmats. Release is planned for July 31.

The English language Attack on Titan packs and decks will not include gold/silver campaign coupons or the PR cards included in the Japanese Edition.  They may only be used in tournaments held outside of Japan.

This set will follow the June release of the Love Live! DX booster expansion (see “'Weiss Schwarz: Love Live! DX'”).

The first Japanese live-action Attack on Titan film is due in theaters there this summer (see “'Attack on Titan' Live-Action Trailer”).