French edition cover
Dark Horse Comics announced it will publish the first English-language edition of Geof Darrow’s Bourbon Thret, which features the introduction of the Shaolin Cowboy.

Adventures of the chainsaw wielding Shaolin Cowboy have already been printed by Dark Horse, both new material (see "New 'Shaolin Cowboy'") and classic adventures which have been recolored and released in oversized  hardcover format, like the recent Shaolin Cowboy: Shemp Buffet.  However, this is the first time Bourbon Thret has been translated into English.

Portions of this new edition will be recolored by Dave Stewart (who was recently nominated for an Eisner award for Best Coloring for his work on Shaolin Cowboy among other works--see "The 2015 Eisner Award Nominees").  Darrow was unsatisfied with the look of the original pages, with the notable exception of work done by Studio Herge (Tin Tin).  Those pages will not be recolored. The oversize hardcover release is planned for later this year.