Each year, American Mensa - an organization that can be joined only by people who score in the top two percent on standardized IQ tests - chooses five games to honor with the title of Mensa Select.  This year’s list includes three titles already familiar to hobby retailers.

The list includes Bezier Games’s Castles of Mad King Ludwig (see “'Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Secrets' Expansion”), Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games’ Lanterns: The Harvest Festival  (see “Renegade Partners with Foxtrot Games”) and Gamewrite’s Dragonwood.

The Mensa Select games are chosen by a group of 325 judges (from the organization’s 56,000 members) after a 44 hour marathon game-playing event called “Mind Games”, held this year in San Diego, California.  The five honorees for 2015 are:

  • Castles of Mad King Ludwig - Bezier Games, Inc. 
    Designer:  Ted Alspach
  • Dragonwood - Gamewright
    Designers:  Gamewright
  • Lanterns:  The Harvest Festival - Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games
    Designer:  Christopher Chung
  • Letter Tycoon - Ad Magic / Breaking Games
    Designer:  Brad Brooks
  • Trekking the National Parks - Bink Ink, LLC
    Designer:  Charlie Bink

Covers for all five titles can be seen in the gallery below.