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Daniel Clowes, the creator of Ghost World, the top-selling book in Fantagraphics history, is returning to the Seattle-based publisher with Patience, an all-new full color science fiction love story that is slated for publication in March of 2016.

The 180-page Patience is the first all-new original graphic novel from Clowes in half a decade, and Fantagraphics is promising that the March 2016 publication will be prefaced by a series of select events with details to be announced.  Given Clowes’ importance in the development of the "literary" graphic novel, reviews of Patience in all the major newspapers and online publications are a given.

Fantagraphics’ Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds called Patience Clowes' "best book yet," and the ambitious psychedelic love story affords Clowes, who has won numerous Eisner and Harvey Awards, the opportunity to take his art in some surprisingly dynamic directions as can be seen from the pages included in the gallery below.

Clowes was in the news in 2013 when Shia LaBoeuf was caught plagiarizing dialog and visual elements from a Clowes story in a short film that was shown at the Cannes Film Festival (see "Shia LaBeouf Rips Off Daniel Clowes").