Steve Jackson Games’ Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe will see wide release in the hobby trade market in October, along with the Munchkin Steampunk Kill-o-Meter, Munchkin Undead booster, and Munchkin Imaginary Frenemies.

Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe is designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by Phil Foglio. The hobby market exclusive was announced earlier this year (see “Steve Jackson Execs on 'Munchkin'”).The game will have a limited release in August via a Launch Kit which includes three copies of the game, three Munchkin posters (7 Stupid Facts About Munchkin poster, Head Master poster, Star Munchkin Deluxe poster), and three stacks of new promo cards (24  each of a Steampunk, Munchkin, and Star Munchkin card) and a cover page explaining how to use the material.

Launch kit promo cards
In October, the game will see wider hobby trade release, with mass market distribution following in January 2016.  The box contains 168 cards, 12 standees, 6 player cards, a gameboard, rulesheet, and a six-sided die. MSRP is $29.95.

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The Munchkin Steampunk Kill-o-Meter makes keeping track of levels easy, and comes with two special Munchkin Steampunk bonus cards. MSRP is $6.95.

The Munchkin Undead booster adds 15 new monsters, curses and items dealing with deceased-but-still-moving foes. MSRP is $5.95.

Munchkin Imaginary Frenemies is a special pack with a special rule: as long as the cards remain unopened in their package, they are good for a +2 combat bonus, which cannot be lost to curses, bad stuff, theft, or player death. If the package is opened, the player can draw as many treasures as there are players in the game, with the player keeping one, and distributing the rest.  Also, if the door cards inside are signed with a pen and put in the player’s hand, they are good for double effect. MSRP is $3.95.

SJG also plans to release Munchkin Treasure Hunt to hobby trade distribution in October (see “'Munchkin Treasure Hunt' Comes to Hobby”).