Stone Blade Entertainment plans to release two new products for its Ascension deckbuilding game in Q4:  Ascension:  Dreamscape and the Ascension:  Collector’s Edition Year 2.

Dreamscape will be the ninth stand-alone set for Stone Blade’s signature product.  The expansion introduces a number of new mechanics to the game, including a new resource called “Insight,” used to gain cards from a “Dream Deck”, and a new type of card called “Visions.” MSRP is $39.99.

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The Collector’s Edition Year 2 box is planned for a November release.  This compilation set includes reprints of cards from Storm of Souls and Immortal Heroes, along with promo cards released during the game’s second year.  The limited edition set will be packaged in a special storage tin, and includes foil-stamped cards and game board.  MSRP is $99.99.

The first collector’s set was released around the holidays last year (see “‘Ascension:  Year One Collector’s Edition’”).  Stone Blade recently announced a new hobby retailer promo program, scheduled to begin this month (see “New Retailer Incentive Program for ‘Ascension’”).