Hasbro reported another up quarter on Monday, at least if you ignored the negative effects of the strong dollar, with Boys and Preschool the strongest categories in the U.S. Sales on Magic:  The Gathering were down for the quarter as part of a 6% decline for the games category.  

A Magic release normally in Q2 was moved to Q1 (Wizards of the Coast is restructuring its annual Magic release calendar, see “Major Changes to ‘Magic:  The Gathering’”), and sales on Magic:  The Gathering were up for the first half of the year, the company said. 

Hasbro’s overall sales were down about 4%, but up 5% if the effect of foreign exchange fluctuations was excluded.  Its net profit was $41.8 million in the quarter, vs. $33.5 million in the year ago period.

Sales in Hasbro’s Girls category were down 22%, with Furby leading the decline. 

Sales in the Boys category were up behind a stronger-than-expected performance for Jurassic World, strong sales on Star Wars and Marvel, and a slower than typical decay from last year’s film impact on Transformers sales. 

Hassbro is investing heavily in its Magic Online platform, the company said, as part of its overall  brand-building for Magic: The Gathering, one of its “Franchise Brands.”