The Pokemon Company has announced a host of holiday releases the ever-popular Pokemon TCG.  

The Pokemon Mega Blaziken EX box and Mega Swampert EX Box will release on November 4.  Each set will include a new Mega Evolution Pokemon-EX foil promo card featuring the title character, along with a Blaziken-Ex or Swampert-EX foil promo, eight Pokemon TCG booster packs, a unique playmat, a metallic collector coin, and a code that can be used to play Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.  MSRP is $44.99 each.

Mega Blaziken-EX & Mega Swampert-EX Mega Evolution Premium Collection also releases November 4.  This set includes Mega Blaziken-EX and Mega Swampert-EX foil promo cards, Blaziken-EX and Swampert-EX foil promo, a special edition playmat, collector coin, eight Pokemon TCG booster packs, and an online code.  MSRP is $79.99.

On November 18, more products will follow:

The Pokemon TCG: Collector Chest 2015 will be a metal case packed with Pokemon collectibles and cards, including five booster packs, three foil promo cards featuring Hoopa, Pikachu, and Chespin, a Pokemon coin, two sheets of stickers, a mini card album, notepad, pencils, and a code for the online game.  MSRP is $22.99.

Pokemon TCG: Legendary Collection Pikachi-EX and Legendary Collection Hoopa-EX each include new Pokemon-EX foil promo versions of those popular characters, along with five full-art Legendary Pokemon cards, five Pokemon TCG booster packs, and a code for the online game.  MSRP is $36.99.

Pokemon TCG Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y Pin Sets come with three booster packs for the game and one of two collector pins showing the Mega Mewtwo character.  MSRP is $11.99.

Pokemon Mega Mewtwo X and Y Figure Boxes include a plastic figurine of the character, a new foil promo card, four booster packs, and the online code.  MSRP is $19.99.

Pokemon TCG Mega Evolution Charizard X/Y & Lucario Pin Set includes three booster packs for the game and three collector pins.  MSRP is $17.99.

These new holiday offerings will release on the heels of the upcoming XY-BREAKthrough expansion set, also planned for November 4 (see “‘Pokemon:  XY-BREAKthrough’”).