Topps has released a new Star Wars collectible trading disc game, Galactic Connexions, which is available exclusively at Walmart. The game debuted with other new Star Wars merchandise on Disney’s “Force Friday (see "Major Retailers Prepare for Star Wars Force Friday”).

ICv2 asked Topps if there’s a planned window for the Walmart exclusivity for the Galactic Connexions game, opening the game for hobby release. “This is an exclusive program with Walmart,” a Topps spokesperson responded.

The game features collectible Star Wars character discs featuring 86 characters, including several from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  The discs are available with three sticker types and a number collectible background variations:  gray (common), black (uncommon), clear (rare), Jabba Slime Green translucent (ultra rare), Lightsaber Red translucent (ultra rare), Death Star Silver shiny metallic (ultra rare), and C-3PO Gold shiny metallic (ultra rare). There are also ultra-rare limited printed Battle Damaged discs, printed Slave-1 discs, and printed Imperial Reed shiny metallic discs. The main sets contain 75 of the 86 characters, with the ultra rare Blue Starfield discs available as giveaway items at select Walmart stores.  There is also a 14k Solid Gold Slave Leia chase disc, but details have not been released on how it will be made available.

Each disc has four Abilities (Attack, Honor, Intelligence, Deceit) of various levels denoted with lines along an edge of the disc. Two spaces are blank and considered free spaces. Players must connect the discs to the existing game pile to score points. They can only connect a new disc to a play area if the new disc has an ability level higher than the disc it connects to. The player then scores points equal to the level marks on the connecting sides. There is also a story connection variation where players use their knowledge of the Star Wars universe to connect characters via movie interactions.

The discs are sold in Starter Packs and Booster Packs. The Starter contains 14 discs, a playmat, game rules, and a checklist. The Boosters contain 5 discs, game rules and a checklist. The packs are available in the Walmart trading card and collectible aisle.