Just a month after a Danger Mouse cartoon series debuted, Sony Pictures Animation and StudioCanal have announced an animated Danger Mouse feature film with Neal Moritz producing.  The original Danger Mouse cartoon series, which was created by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall and aired from 1981-1992, was a cheeky send-up such cold war spy icons James Bond and Danger Man.  The new Danger Mouse feature film will likely provide an origin story for the espionage-inclined rodent who lives under the MI6 headquarters.

A rebooted Danger Mouse TV cartoon series, with original creator Cosgrove acting as a consultant and a voice cast that includes John Oliver, Lena Headly, and Kevin Eldon, debuted in England last month and will be available here from Netflix later this year.

As The Tracking Board points out, the big screen success of current cartoon properties like SpongeBob, the recent announcement of a Ghostbusters animated film plus the longstanding big screen successes of other 1980s and 1990s cartoon properties like Transformers, and G.I. Joe would all appear to make Danger Mouse a likely candidate for revival.  Certainly there is something of a built-in audience for the exploits of Danger Mouse, a secret agent so clandestine that his codename has a codename, and his hapless hamster sidekick Penfold as they take on familiar foes like the evil scientist Doctor Augustus P. Crumhorn III.