Cameron Stewart Art
New York Comic Con News: At the NYCC Kodansha USA announced the fall 2016 publication of a 250-page Attack on Titan anthology containing stories set in the AoT world written and drawn by Western comic creators.  The list of participating creators includes Scott Snyder, Gail Simone, Michael Avon Oeming, Faith Erin Hicks, Cameron Stewart, Paulo Rivera, Kevin Wada, Genevieve Valentine, Ronald Wimberly, Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher, Afua Richardson, Damion Scott, plus Tomer & Asaf Hanuka.

Tomar Hanuka Art
The model for this new
Attack on Titan anthology according to Comic Book Resources is the Animatrix, an anthology of nine short animated film that helped set the stage for the launch of the second film in the Matrix trilogy (see "Animatrix Episode Bows on Web" & "Animatrix DVD Is Loaded" for an in-depth look at the project).  The Animatrix contained stories produced by a number of different anime studios with completely different visual style, and the diversity of artists participating in the AoT anthology assures a similarly interesting mélange of styles.

Michael Avon Oeming Art
Attack on Titan anthology will be published in the standard American graphic novel format rather than the smaller manga format, and the stories will range from 5 to 25 pages in length.  The new AoT anthology will also include pin-up art.  Attack on Titan remains the #1 manga property in the U.S. according to ICv2’s authoritative survey of direct market and bookstore sales (see "Top 25 Manga Franchises”).