Two entrepreneurs have come together to create Boogie Dice, the first self-rolling dice, which was recently funded on Kickstarter. Trade release is planned for April 2016.

Activated by sound, Boogie Dice can be programmed via smart device on four different settings, affecting roll duration, LED colors, and more. A fully charged die can "roll" for up to 30 minutes; for conventional rolling, that is roughly 500 activations. MSRP will be 39.99 for two dice and a charging station.

The dice are a collaboration between hardware engineer, Nimrod Back, and independent game designer, Saar Shai. Both have had successful Kickstarter releases of products in the past, and successfully funded Boogie Dice in ten days. Their Kickstarter campaign for Boogie Dice raised $185,035 from 3,078 backers ($60.12/ backer average). In addition to the dice, the Kickstarter campaign includes a game, Bots Battleground, specifically designed to take full advantage of the features of the dice.

(See the dice in action in the video below.)