French company Ankama Games, the producer of Krosmaster, has announced a new distribution arrangement for 2016 with CoolMiniOrNot (CMON).  Krosmaster had previously been distributed in the U.S. by Japanime Games.

The ending of Ankama and Japanime’s arrangement was described as a mutual agreement to help the growth of the brand. CMON will take over organized play and the upcoming release of the English language edition of Krosmaster Quest (see “'Krosmaster Quest,' 'Krosmaster Junior,' More”). Previously placed preorders for Krosmaster Quest will be fulfilled by CMON, including promised promotional items. Japanime will continue to be the exclusive worldwide distributor of previously released English-language Krosmaster products (through Season 3) and the Krosmaster: Arena board game.

“CMON Inc has shown time and again that they have a passion for releasing and supporting board games with engaging rules and beautiful miniatures, “ said a spokesperson for Ankama Products. “We feel that their experience in publishing and marketing these types of games directly aligns with the quality of products we produce for the Krosmaster line.”