Ain't It Cool News has published an interview with Freddy Vs. Jason director Ronny Yu, in which the helmer expresses his desire to make a live action film based on the anime film Blood: The Last Vampire.  Yu told AICN that he was actively pursuing the rights to the Japanese anime film, which is set on an American airbase in Japan during the Vietnam War.  Written by Mamoru Oshii and produced by Production I.G., Blood: The Last Vampire, the fastest-selling DVD in the history of Magna Entertainment (see 'Blood: The Last Vampire Sets Manga Record'), broke new ground in the skillful use of computer animation, while presenting a story that was at once chilling, formally elegant, and downright creepy.


If early reports about the amount of carnage in Ronny Yu's 'slashfest,' Freddy Vs. Jason, are accurate, then it appears that the director has the kind of sensibility that could make a live action version of Blood: The Last Vampire very scary.  The question is, can he recapture the gothic elegance of the anime version, which only had to sustain its blood-draining mood for some 43 minutes?