Another oversized Star Trek:  Attack Wing model will represent the Borg next summer, with the release of the Borg Cube w/ Sphere Port Premium Figure from WizKids.

At eight inches on a side, the new Borg Cube 384 model is much larger than the other ships in the game.  In addition to that model, the expansion set will also include a model for the smaller “Sphere 936” and all of the cards needed to use both Borg ships in the game. 

A special cooperative scenario in the expansion will allow up to five players to work together to fight against a single Borg Cube, controlled by a randomized and automated set of rules.

The Borg Cube w/ Sphere Port Premium Figure expansion set will ship in June.  MSRP is $99.99.

The new model is a different sculpt from WizKids’ previous Borg Cube model, released in 2014 (see “‘Star Trek:  Attack Wing-Oversized Borg Cube’”), as the new version has the sphere port.  The Borg Sphere included in the set has a different paint scheme than the earlier version released for the game, and is designed to match the Borg Cube in the expansion.  Both ships include new game cards as well.

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