DC Co-Publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee Tweeted out a big tease on Friday, an image of the word “Rebirth” projected on a curtain, with the words “DC Comics” below.  But the curtain’s already partially open, if the report by Bleeding Cool is correct.  DC plans to renumber its titles beginning with #1 in June, according to the report, and orient the title selection much more strongly around the company’s movie and TV tie-ins.  Some titles will also go bi-weekly this summer. 

Another big change is that in the process, Scott Snyder will stop writing Batman, DC’s flagship title and consistent best seller, and will move to Detective, according to a related report.  

The fact that DC is going to do something dramatic to its line does not come as a surprise; it’s been underperforming in the wake of the Convergence event last spring and the DC You relaunch that followed (see “DC’s Post-Convergence #1s Post Lackluster Debuts”).  Most are hoping for a change of direction, better connections to the big media events driving interest in the company’s properties, and a new effort to revive flagging sales.  Yet to be seen when the formal announcement comes is whether this “Rebirth” initiative will fill the bill.