Security Footage
Over $75,000 of Magic: The Gathering cards were stolen from Pat’s Games in Austin, TX on Sunday night.

The police video, posted on Pat’s Games’ Facebook page, shows the two suspects using a water meter turn-off key to remove the front door. After several minutes of jimmying the door, they quickly removed three cases which contained high-dollar cards and fled.

In an interview with local station KXAN, owner Pat Johnson said “We feel that he’s a Magic player, and we know that he’s been in the store before because it only took him 20 seconds to go in and find our highest-dollared cards.”

Johnson told ICv2 that the store has been carrying the game since the beginning, in 1993. “We had some very valuable cards, Alpha cards.” She said losses include an “Alpha: Ancestral Recall,” “Alpha: Underground Sea,” and “Legends: Karakas.” A store employee is currently working on posting lists of cards from the three cases on Facebook.