Ares Games and Pendragon Games have announced a deal to co-publish the slasher flick-inspired survival horror game Last Friday in August.

Like the classic horror film Friday the 13th, this new board game from Antonio Ferrara and Sebastiano Fiorillo (who collaborated on Stay Away!, another horror-themed game) is set at a summer camp that is soon to be the victim of a horrific mass murder.  Designed as an “overlord-style” hidden movement deduction game, Last Friday pits one player acting as the murderer against the other players, who are campers trying to survive.

Ares Games will produce and distribute the English language version of the game worldwide, while Pendragon will handle other languages.  This will be the first partnership between the two Italian game publishers.

Last Friday includes four scenarios with different victory conditions, which tells the story of the campers’ arrival, their attempt to escape from the murderer, and ultimately the murderer’s death and return from the grave to seek his revenge.

The game is designed for 2 - 6 players.  MSRP is $49.90.

Ares will also release the cooperative fantasy board game Sword & Sorcery later this year (see "Ares Games' Epic Fantasy Co-op Board Game").