Art not final
The Terror that Flaps in the Night has returned to St. Canard in a new ongoing comic series and Cinestory.  Disney’s Darkwing Duck will be released by Joe Books in April.

The ongoing comic series will be written by Aaron Sparrow, with art and covers by James Silvani (Disney’s Darkwing Duck).  MSRP is $2.99.  The series launches on April 27.

The story follows the defeat of Megavolt, who has just been locked up in St. Canard’s new "escape-proof"” prison.  But did Megavolt want to be put in prison for a more nefarious reason of his own?

Joe Book will also release the Darkwing Duck Cinestory on April 27.  The story is taken directly from the Disney Afternoon cartoon series, retold in a full-color, graphic-novel-style format.  The 7" X 10" trade paperback is 240-pages of daring, crime-fighting adventures.

In 2010, BOOM! Studios released a Darkwing Duck miniseries that was later  expanded into an ongoing series (see "'Darkwing Duck' Miniseries").