Paizo Inc. will release the first two books for its English language edition of Black Book Editions’ post-apocalyptic roleplaying game Polaris this July.

Created by Philippe Tessier, Polaris presents a world in which humanity has been forced to live below the surface of the world’s oceans after the land has become uninhabitable.  Originally published in French, Polaris is a game of survival and exploration in a world of dwindling resources, submarine monsters, and a decaying human race.

The Polaris RPG Core Rule Book offers an all-new revised English edition of the game.  The book includes all the rules needed to play, including character creation, futuristic technology, and the creatures and monsters that inhabit the submarine world.  The Core Rule Book will be a 256-page full-color hardcover.  MSRP is $49.90.

The Polaris RPG Advanced Rules book will be a 164-page full-color hardcover companion volume.  It adds additional gameplay features for both players and game masters, including more character creation options, gear, and technology.  MSRP is $39.90.

Paizo announced its deal with Gob in Tux last March, with the release of the RPG originally planned for October (see “Paizo Strikes Deal with Gob in Tux”).