Modiphius Entertainment's Kickstarter to fund its new RPG, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed, successfully hit its funding goals in a mere four hours after opening on February 16.

The core rulebook is a 368-page full color hardcover book. It was designed by Timothy Brown (Dark Sun D&D Campaign Setting), Jason Durall (Serenity RPG), and Chris Lites (Savage Worlds), utilizing the 2D20 game system used in Mutant Chronicles. In addition, the book has an impressive array of talented artists involved, including Brom (Magic: The Gathering, Deadlands), Simon Bisley (Conan the Savage, Batman), Val Mayerik (Dungeons & Dragons, The Savage Sword of Conan), Liam Sharp (X-Men, Judge Dredd, Red Sonja), and more (see "Preview: Modiphius' 'Conan' RPG Art").

Currently the game has received pledges totally $157,271 from 1,213 backers (an average of roughly $129.51/backer), and it still has over 30 days to go before the Kickstarter closes. The campaign includes a retailer package allowing verified retailers to make a deposit towards a minimum order of 6 core books at usual wholesale pricing, with payment deferred until shipment.

In 2015, Modiphius announced their deal with Conan Properties giving them the license to produce the RPG (see "New 'Conan' RPG").