The recently concluded Humble Bundle of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game PDFs hit $1.298 million, according to Paizo Publisher Erik Mona, with 77,499 Bundles sold.  That broke the previous record for a book Bundle, which was $1.203 million, set by the Cory Doctorow-edited Bundle that kicked off the category for Humble Bundle.  The Pathfinder RPG Humble Bundle also broke the first day record for a book Bundle.

The Humble Bundle will add a large number of new players to the game, according to Mona.  "Our evidence so far is that about two-thirds of those people are brand new customers to Paizo who had never registered on," he said.  "It's adding at least 50,000 new gamers to the play network of Pathfinder.  My philosophy is that the success in RPGs is directly related to the size of the network of RPG players.  If you can find other gamers you're going to keep playing the game; if you can't, you're not.  So this is a great way to add 50,000 players to that ecosystem.  The others were already on in some capacity.  The goal with this was really to create new Pathfinder players.  The thing that's interesting about Humble Bundles is that their outreach is largely to videogamers and science fiction fans, so they were able to send out their e-mail to millions of people.  They were able to reach beyond the traditional reach of hobby gaming and they were able to try it out."

Pathfinder chose Extra Life and Camden's Concert, which benefits cystic fibrosis research, as the charities to be benefited by its Humble Bundle.

The Pathfinder RPG Humble Bundle was followed up with a Dynamite Entertainment Pathfinder comics bundle.  It raised around $203,000, according to Mona.  "A very successful month for Pathfinder on Humble Bundle," he said.