In June, Atlas Games plans to release Lost in R’lyeh, a horror-themed rummy-style card game set in the Cthulhu Mythos.

In Lost in R’lyeh, the players are trying to escape from the dreaded city where the Elder God Cthulhu makes his home by playing all of the cards in their hand, rummy-style.  “Horror cards” can be melded to gain special abilities that help the player, while “Event cards” can be played for an immediate effect.  In a nod to the game’s horror theme, there is no “winner” in Lost in R’lyeh:  instead play continues until only one player has failed to escape, becoming the game’s “loser.”

The game includes 75 tarot-sized playing cards and a turn order token to show the current direction of play.  Lost in R’lyeh was designed by Kedric Winks (Cadaver, Ghost Hunter), a designer from the U.K., and illustrated by Kelley Hensing.  MSRP is $14.95.

Atlas recently drew from the Cthulhu Mythos well for another card game, Fast & Fhtagn, which released in March, supported by a custom card promotion for participating retailers (see “Custom Cars for Stores in ‘Fast & Fhtagn’”).