Geek & Sundry’s Wil Wheaton, host of the internet series TableTop, announced the games that will appear on the series’ Season 4. Season 4 was confirmed last summer at Gen Con (Geek & Sundry Announces 'TableTop' Season 4”).

“This season, I wanted to play games that were accessible to families, indie games, more RPGs, and at least one or two games that broke the rules I usually use to choose games,” Wheaton said on his blog. The new season will start filming in a few days, and begin releasing episodes in June or July.

The games include two roleplaying games: Fate Core and Misspent Youth.

The full list includes:

  • Lanterns (Renegade Game Studio)
  • Fury of Dracula (Fantasy Flight Games
  • Mysterium (Asmodee)
  • Codenames (Czech Games Edition)
  • FATE Core RPG (Evil Hat)
  • Dragon Farkle (Z-Man Games)
  • Flash Point
  • Harbour (Tasty Minstrel Games)
  • Eldritch Horror  (Fantasy Flight Games)
  • Star Realms (White Wizard)
  • Monarch
  • Star Trek – Five Year Mission (Mayfair Games)
  • Champions of Midgard (Grey Fox Games)
  • Steam Park (Iello)
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies (Gamelyn Games)
  • Welcome To The Dungeon (Iello)
  • Misspent Youth RPG (Self-published)

Wheaton also confirmed plans for Titansgrave Season 2, which is in development, with plans to film in a few months, with release planned for fall.