Here’s a quick look at some recent developments in the fast-growing “geek” movie sector.

According to The Wrap, soap opera starlet Laura Harrier (One Life to Live) has joined the cast of Jon Watts’ Spider-Man: Homecoming as a mysterious character named “Michelle,” while Deadline reports that Tony Revolori, who made a big impression as a bellhop in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, has also joined the cast of the new Spidey movie as Peter Parker’s high school classmate Manuel.  In addition, Robert Downey, Jr’s Iron Man will play a key role in the film (see “Spider-Man: Homecoming Casts Web, Nets Iron Man”).

Boyd Holbrook, who starred in Narcos, will play the lead villain in Wolverine 3, which James Mangold is directing with Hugh Jackman as Wolvie and Patrick Stewart as Professor X.  Deadline, reports that production on Wolverine 3 is now slated to begin in July, and according to The Hollywood Reporter Richard E. Grant (Doctor Who, Jekyll & Hyde) will play a “villainous mad scientist type” in what will be the final Hugh Jackman Wolverine movie, which it now appears will be the first Wolverine film to carry an “R” rating (see “Here Comes the Parade of R-Rated Superhero Movies”).

Tessa Thompson (Creed) is joining the cast of Thor: Ragnarok as Chris Hemsworth love interest according to DeadlineThor: Ragnarok, which Taika Waititi is directing, is slated to start production in late July, and also stars Cate Blanchett (see “Geek Movie News Round-Up”).

Willem Dafoe, who played the Green Goblin in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, has been cast as an as yet unspecified “good guy” in Zack Snyder’s Justice League that began production last week according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The first image from Alien Covenant has been released (on the movie’s Facebook page), and it is a pretty vanilla photo of a patch worn by a crew member of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship Covenant.  But here it is anyway.

Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks will play a key role alongside Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Robin Wright in Dennis Villeneuve’s Bladerunner sequel, which takes place about 20 years after the action in Ridley Scott’s film.  According to The Wrap, Bladerunner 2 will also begin production in July.

J.A. Bayona, the Spanish director who helmed the classy horror film The Orphanage in 2007, has signed on to direct Jurassic World 2, the fifth film in the Jurassic Park series, and the sequel to the second biggest film released in 2015.  Jurassic World producer Frank Marshall made the directorial announcement on his Twitter page.