Action Lab Entertainment has announced several child-friendly releases arriving this summer: The Adventures of Miru, Ghoul Scouts Night of the Unliving Undead, and the collected Actionverse Vol. 1.

The Adventures of Miru is the story of a dragon to crashes into another realm where dragons no longer exist. With no memory or idea why he’s there, the dragon must find allies and figure out how he’s involved in a plan to save multiple realities. Miru is written by Rick Laprade and J. McClary, with art and main cover by  J. McClary.  The comic has an MSRP of $3.99 and launches on July 13.

Ghoul Scouts Night of the Unliving Undead takes place in Full Moon Hollow, the paranormal capital of the world, but only kids are affected by its influence. During the Hemlock County Scouting Jamboree, a group of zombies attack… and its up to a group of misfits to save the Hollow from annihilation. The series is written by Steve Bryant, with art by Mark Stegbauer and Jason Millet.  The comic has an MSRP of $3.99 and launches on June 8.

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Actionverse Vol 1 collects issues #0 – 6 of the publisher’s recently launched crossover event (see “Preview: Actionverse Summer Crossover”). The crossover features five separate creator-owned series collaborating on a single story told over three titles as part of an interdimensional crossover. The characters include Molly Danger, Virtue, Fracture, Midnight Tiger, The F1rst Hero, and Stray. The 224-page trade paperback has an MSRP of $16.99 and releases on June 8.