Pokemon USA has announced the release of a new set, Pokemon TCG: XY-Steam Siege.

The new set is expected to release on August 3. Pre-release events are scheduled for Saturday, July 23. The set will focus on the aftermath of the siege of Gear Palace by Shiny Mega Gardevoir-EX, with Mythical Steam Pokemon Volcanion trying to stop them. In addition, Xerneas and Yveltai are just a few of many Pokemon getting a BREAK Evolution.

The set includes 110 cards, 8 new dual-type Pokemon, 6 new Pokemon-EX (including two Mega Evolution Pokemon), and 7 new Pokemon BREAK. The set will have the typical supplementary products, including an Elite Trainer Box featuring Volcanion.

MSRP has not yet been announced.

In July, three other releases are coming out for Pokemon TCG, featuring Shyamin, Ho-Oh and Lugia, and Venusaur (see "Upcoming 'Pokemon' July Releases").