Seven Seas Entertainment announced that it is collaborating with Alice in the Country Of… creator Mamenosuke Fujimaru on a new manga, Captive Hearts of Oz, which will reimagine L. Frank Baum’s Oz saga in shojo manga style.  Seven Seas will publish the first oversize volume of Captive Hearts of Oz (for the first time anywhere in the world) on January 31, 2017.  Each volume in the series will feature a color insert and have a cover price of $13.99.

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In addition to its publication venture with Fujimaru, Seven Seas announced the acquisition of four shonen and seinen licenses and four new yuri offerings.   The only new license announced this week that will actually be published in 2016 is a complete zombie horror saga due out just in time for Halloween on October 4.  Seven Seas already publishes Tsukasa Saimura’s ongoing Hour of the Zombie manga, so it just makes sense to publish Saimura’s first zombie work, the two-volume 2012 Tokyo Undead manga, a seinen horror saga that Seven Seas is bringing out in a single, 400+ page omnibus edition that will contain both Tokyo Undead volumes plus numerous color inserts for a cover price of $18.99.

Debuting in January is the stylish shonen supernatural fantasy The Girl From the Other Side, which debuted in Japan in 2015.  The first volume in this poignant saga written and drawn by Nagabe features a textured matte finish and at least one color insert for a cover price of $12.99.

A second shonen manga with a supernatural bent, Seiju Natsumegu’s Ghost Diary is slated to debut in mid-April of 2017.  This 3-volume manga, which debuted in Japan in 2014, follows the adventures of a young exorcist, who is searching for his sister who disappeared without a trace.  Ghost Diary Vol. 1, which features a full color insert, will have a cover price of $12.99.

Debuting on February 28, 2017 is volume 1 of There’s a Demon Lord on the Floor, a fan-service-filled (ecchi) comedy about a sexy demon girl who is stuck in our world and seeks employment in a restaurant.  Written by Hato and drawn by Masaki Kawakami, the ongoing series There’s a Demon Lord on the Floor debuted in Japan in 2014 where it has now reached three volumes.  The first volume in Seven Seas’ Demon Lord series will include a color insert and will have a cover price of $12.99.

Hana & Hina
Seven Seas also announced the acquisition of licenses for four yuri manga, which feature stories of girls in love other girls.  Two of the offerings are from one of the top yuri creators, Milk Morinaga including her ongoing yuri series, Hana & Hina After School, which debuts in March of 2017 (for $12.99), as well as the one-shot Secret of the Princess, a bittersweet tale of high school romance that debuts on Valentine’s Day with a cover price of $12.99.

Seven Seas has also acquired Hiromi Takashima’s ongoing Kase-san and… yuri manga series that is also set in school.  Each volume in the series features a standalone story about the budding romance between the clumsy, flower-loving Yamada and the athletic Kase-san.

Kindred Spirits
The other license that Seven Seas announced this week was Kindred Spirits on the Roof, a yuri manga omnibus that features multiple school girl romances that are based on the adult “visual novel” (video game where the majority of the gameplay involves the player reading the game’s story) developed by Liar-soft that was released in Japan in 2012 (and here in the U.S. in 2016).  The massive Kindred Spirts on the Roof omnibus will include color pages and will have a cover price of $18.99.

Seven Seas also announced that it was making its library of manga titles available digitally via Barnes & Noble's Nook reader.