The classic Sam Raimi horror movie Evil Dead 2 has found its way to tabletops in Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game.

The tile-and miniature-based survival horror game from Space Goat Play is set in the Evil Dead 2 universe. Designed by Taylor Smith (Spell), the game features six major characters from the movie as well as Deadite and severed hand miniatures. It was designed for both veteran and casual board game fans, and plays 2 – 6 players in 90 to 120 minutes.

The game includes, 2 specialized “Deadite Dice,” 16 Game Board Tiles (1 Cabin and 15 others), 6 double-sided Character Cards, 6 Character Miniatures, 10 Deadite Miniatures, 4 Severed Hand Miniatures, around 70 tokens of 13 different kinds, roughly 200 cards, a rules sheet, and a prequel comic. Space Goat Play is aiming for a November release to retailers and distributors. The game will MSRP for $60.00.

The project began seeking funding on Kickstarter on July 6 and, perhaps fittingly, was funded "by dawn" in less than 24 hours. Funding closes for Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game on August 9. As of this writing, the game has raised $159,614 from 2,235 backers (roughly $71.42/backer). Backing includes a tier for retailers.

Evil Dead continues to be a popular franchise; Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn #1 is among the comics in Diamond Comic Distributors annual Halloween Comics Fest (see "Diamond Announces Halloween Comics Fest 2016").