Comic Con News: Comic book maestro Stan Lee has developed a new multi-media property, Nitron, which will appear first in comic book form from Benaroya Publishing starting in January of 2017, and will then be developed for motion pictures, television, and video games.  Created by Lee along with writer/director Keya Morgan and Michael Benaroya, Nitron will get exposure first in a series of six squarebound full color trade paperbacks with an MSRP of $5.00 (no page count was given in the announcement) that will be released on a monthly basis starting in January.

Details of the comic book are being closely guarded but this new Stan Lee original creation is said to revolve around a highly intelligent and advanced species of Nitronians who live covertly among ordinary humans here on modern day Earth.

Keya Morgan emphasized the originality of the concept behind Nitron and contrasted it with the depressing uniformity of the current marketplace, which constantly recycles the same narrative tropes with a never-ending parade of prequels and sequels: "In a world filled with hundreds of prequels and sequels, it's very refreshing to see a new original Stan Lee creation that is unlike anything you've ever seen before."

According to Benaroya’s announcement, the production company has secured $50 million in financing to fund movie, TV, and digital products based on the Nitron comics.  Benaroya Pictures most recent release is an adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell, which stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, and which was supposed to get a theatrical release on July 8, though it appears to have been pulled back.