At Gen Con, Upper Deck Entertainment announced release dates for five forthcoming games: Legendary Encounters Alien Expansion, Deus Machina, Dingo Ate the Baby, VS. System: 2PCG- Predator,  and Dungeon Draft.

The company is planning an expansion for Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck-Building Game (see “'Alien' Deck-Building Game”). Release is planned for November.

Deus Machina is a miniatures game designed by Carmen Bellaire (see “Upper Deck Teases 'Deus Machina' Miniatures Game”). Release is planned for Gen Con 2017.

Dingo Ate the Baby is a quick, fun, family-friendly strategy game designed by Mike Elliott (see “Upper Deck Teases 'Dungeon Draft,' 'Dingo Ate the Baby'”). The game has been scheduled for release on February 22.

VS. System: 2PCG- Predator will join the growing line of VS. System deck building games at the end of April.

Dungeon Draft is a drafting game designed by Justin Gary (see “Upper Deck Teases 'Dungeon Draft,' 'Dingo Ate the Baby'”). Release is scheduled for May.