A new comic and a new graphic novel jumped into the political arena in the last few days, on opposite sides of the U.S. presidential election that’s got the public’s attention right now. 

In Spawn Kills Everyone, a one-shot comic out this week from Image (spoiler alert), Lil’ Spawn rips off the heads of Presidential candidate Donald Trump and the Red Skull, and switches them onto the other character’s body.   It’s getting some media attention, including a story in the New York Daily News Thursday, which quotes Spawn creator Todd McFarlane as saying of Trump, “This guy, Donald Trump, in the simplest form has put the con in conservative.”

Going after the other candidate is Clinton Cash:  A Graphic Novel, an adaptation of the bestselling book by Brietbart Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer, in turn based on a documentary of the same name.  Released last week by conservative book publisher Regnery Publishing, the first printing sold out immediately, according to Breitbart, and was charting at #5 on Amazon before passing out of stock.  As of this writing, only one of the top three online booksellers, BooksaMillion, has the book in stock for immediate shipment; neither Amazon nor Barnes & Noble have inventory. 

The graphic novel, adapted by Chuck Dixon with Brett R. Smith, tells the story of “Hillary and Bill’s brazen plot to fleece the planet for maximum profit,” according to the publisher.

These latest two Presidential year releases join others we itemized earlier (see “Character Candidacies Seek Geek Support”), including Dynamite’s Army of Darkness:  Ash for President, which was released August 3; KaBOOM’s Adventure Time: President Bubblegum, due in September; and Vote Loki, for which the last issue of the miniseries will be released in September with the trade paperback collection due in October.

ICv2 columnist Steve Bennett also talked about political comics this week, including the late, lamented Prez (see “Confessions of a Comic Book Guy – Everything’s Political”).