Bushiroad is bringing back some of the more popular cards for its Cardfight!! Vanguard G collectible card game in the upcoming Revival Collection, releasing January 6.

This English-language exclusive 50-card set will include 25 cards from previous expansions, along with 25 new cards designed to support these re-issued cards. All cards will have holo treatment. The rarity mix will include 12 RRR, 16 RR, and 22 R cards, as well as 12 parallel SP rarity cards.

The Revival Collection will be sold in 3-card packs, presented in 10-pack displays.  Each pack will include one RR or higher rarity card. There will be 16 display boxes per carton.

This set will follow the December release of new Trial Decks and Clan Boosters (see “‘Cardfight!!  Vanguard G’ Gets New ‘Trial Deck,’ ‘Clan Booster’”).