Paizo, Inc. unveiled a new retail incentive program for players of its Pathfinder RPG.

The program is to encourage Pathfinder Society players to make purchases at the retail establishments that host their game space. This can include Friendly Local Game Stores or community halls or sporting halls that has a refreshment stand or other sales outlet.

Players can redeem receipts of goods purchased on game day for in-game benefits for their entire table.  Purchased items do not need to be Paizo products. Players must show their receipt to the GM, who marks the receipt as used. A receipt worth $10.00 or more allows a single-use benefit that applies to all the PCs at the table. A receipt from a player or players worth $50.00 or more entitles all players to an enhanced benefit. The table can never use the same benefit more than once during a game session, but they can use both benefits during a session.

All the PCs gain the benefit of Harder to Kill. If it is a $10.00 reward, players’ constitution is 5 points higher than normal when determining if hit point damage would kill them. For the $50.00 enhanced benefit, the character’s constitution is 10 points higher.

Each player at the table may also choose one of the following for one use during the game: Cheaper Healing, Recover from Wounds, or Bonus Wealth.

Paizo will be updating the policy section of its website soon, and the retail incentive program will also appear in the next version of the Roleplaying Guild Guide.