Mantic Games has announced their plans for a Q4 2017 release for Star Saga, their new science-fiction themed dungeon crawl that recently achieved funding on Kickstarter.

In Star Saga, players control a mercenary strike team trying to retrieve stolen technology in a highly guarded research facility under the surface of an alien planet. It can play up to five players and includes optional rules for solo play. The game is a successor to Dungeon Saga and features more refined and streamlined rules that are easy for novice players and include advanced mechanics for veterans to the game.

The base game includes: 100 game cards, five mercenary miniatures, three boss miniatures, and 24 minion miniatures, detailed floor tiles and counters, five Character cards, a selection of custom dice, ten plastic doors and other scenery, the Eiras Contract Mission book, and a rulebook. MSRP for the game will be $79.99.

Kickstarter funding is still underway for Star Saga. Currently, the game has received $188,074 in funding from 1,786 backers (about $105.30/backer), with funding open until October 21. Verified retailers are eligible for a retailer-exclusive funding level for the game. In 2015, Dungeon Saga, the fantasy predecessor to the game, released to trade stores after a very strong Kickstarter campaign that achieved over $1 million in backing (see "$1M Kickstarter Dungeon Crawl Board Game Comes to Trade").