Michael L. Ferch, an attorney representing former Wizard World Chief Marketing Officer Steve Shamus, has responded to the allegations in the lawsuit filed by Wizard World against Shamus alleging misappropriation of assets (see “Wizard World Files Suit Against Steve Shamus”).  “I have reviewed the allegations in the complaint by Wizard World against my client, Stephen Shamus, and I am confident there is absolutely no merit whatsoever to Wizard World's lawsuit,” Ferch said in a statement.  “Wizard World owes Stephen unpaid compensation and, when he asked to be paid, unfortunately Wizard World ran to the courthouse claiming Stephen diverted company property for his personal gain. Again, there is no basis for Wizard World's lawsuit and its allegations are meritless.”

The “unpaid compensation” Ferch refers to relates to a disputed Employment Letter which the lawsuit says Shamus presented to the company on October 18, and which the lawsuit alleges is “a fraud and a fabrication.”  The allegation of diversion of company property made in the lawsuit relates to autographs allegedly provided to Shamus by celebrities he booked for Wizard World shows.

Ferch told ICv2 that he had just received the complaint on Thursday or Friday of last week, and that a formal response to the complaint with the court would follow.