Game design company Petersen Entertainment has filed suit in a Texas state court against PayPal, alleging that the company has refused to deliver money that backers intended to send to Petersen for Kickstarter projects, according to the complaint, via Courthouse News.  

In the suit, Petersen Entertainment, the vehicle of famed tabletop and video game designer Sandy Petersen, alleges that PayPal is holding  $57,702.66  from a 2013 Kickstarter, which it should have delivered to Petersen, for no good reason.  In fact, Petersen alleges that it has provided proof to Paypal that backers whose payment have been withheld have already received the products ordered via the Kickstarter.

Petersen ran a Kickstarter for Cthulhu Wars in 2013, raising over $1 million (see "'Cthulhu Wars' Tops $1 Million").

Petersen is suing for the amount withheld, plus economic damages, loss of value/use damages, out-of-pocket losses, lost profits, and other damages.