Comic and non-fiction writer Gerard Jones has been arrested on charges of possessing over 600 digital child pornography files, including videos showing adults performing sexual acts on children as young as one year old, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.  He was also charged with uploading videos depicting a child performing sexual acts on an adult to YouTube.  The charges were filed after an investigation and a search warrant was executed at Jones’ home, according to the report.

Jones’ attorney told the Chronicle that Jones denies all allegations, and had no previous record.  Also, strangely, the attorney said, “It’s important to differentiate between violent sex offenders in these kinds of cases, because there’s a big difference.  We tend to lump them all together."

Jones wrote for National Lampoon in the 80s; wrote comic stories for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Malibu in the 80s and 90s; has written non-fiction books on comics, TV, and other topics; and has credits on English versions of manga for VIZ.